22 January 2009

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Wow!... Just WOW! At last I can talk about it. Gestalt has just released pre-ordering of their new bumper anthology 'FLINCH' on amazon.com.

This great looking book has contributions from some very talented Aussies. Colin Wilson, Christian Read, Justin Randall, Tom Taylor, Chris Bones, and many, many others. Even I make an appearance in it with my 2005 WITHHELD story reprinted in it's entirety. The cover by world famous Shaun Tan is worth the cheap price of $11.95(US) alone!

So, pre-order now from Amazon, or grab it as soon as it's out in May.



Tom Taylor said...

That's a pretty cover.

Jason Franks said...

Can't wait!

Bobby.N said...

I agree with both of you.