06 January 2009

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Those that were coming to this first meetup of the year knew it would probably be thin on attendance. (Being so close to the new year.)

I arrived at our usual venue first (Prince Alfred Hotel) only to find it shut (ie. Xmas break), so I proceeded to sms Jason Franks (whom I knew was coming), and we contacted the few local creators we knew to spread the word that we would relocate just this once to our backup pub on Sydney road. (Yes, we have a backup pub... aint we organised?)

Well, only five of us showed up... but it was well worth it. We had a table just inside the pub under shade looking onto the busy main road. We drank, ate, and talked comics all afternoon until about 6 where it slowly wound down.

Sorry I didn't take photos this time, but I was just relaxing wedged in the corner talking with the guys. It was a really cool way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Those in attendance were myself, Colin Wilson, Brendan, Jason Franks, James Andre & his friend.

Memorable moments:
  • Brendan brought along a stack of graphic novels I hadn't seen before, & put me onto Robert Goodin's shopfront at etsy.
  • Colin Wilson showed us 8 inked pages of his latest project on his usual monster artboards. Awesome work! (as usual)... but can't show you any examples here as it's hush-hush until it's released by the 'powers-that-be'. I was laughing on the inside because Colin's work (for those of you who haven't seen it take a look here.) is absolutely amazing. No wonder he's been a professional artist for so many mainstream publishers... but what made me laugh was that when you look at the complexity and fine detail of his inking - and ask him about it - he can't remember how he did it. He just does it the way he does it. Frustrating for a seagul like me!
  • Jason Franks brought in a stack of pencilled pages from his latest GN project he's about to get inked. The guy's been really busy lately. Read about his progress on Jason's great blog here.
  • Chatting about the process of thumbnailing-to-final inked page with others. Comic theory & practice is always a favorite of mine.
  • The cool breeze coming through the pub on a hot day as we sat in shaded comfort.

So then; see you all next at the launch of Paul Bedford's THE LIST-II.

THE LIST-II launch
Loop Bar

23 Meyers Place
Saturday 17th-Jan-09



M.Emery said...

darn i missed the venue change, that'll teach me for being late

Jason Franks said...

Actually, I didn't bring any penciled pages-- I just had a sketchbook full of some very sloppy layouts. Sometimes I bring to-scale printouts, but I never show the original art boards, because I do so much fixing in photoshop.

I'm really not very comfortable showing any of my art unless it's got somebody else's inks over the top of it...

See you at the List party!

-- JF