26 January 2009

So here it is. The final page...

I replaced the second last closeup of the boot (as seen in the previous post) with a zoom in to the guy. I think feels more natural in the flow and not so jolting. I also redrew the last panel (if you can see) as the object the guy is walking up to is larger than the previous drawing, so I had to suggest that. (It'll all make sense when you read the story in DIGESTED.02).

Having finished this page and the following one this weekend (which is my favorite page of the story so far), I only have 2 more pages to finish of this issue's continued OXYGEN story, and then it's a matter of finishing the last page of a short piece, as well as a few 1 pagers & text pieces, and DIGESTED.02 should be ready to send to the printer. About 10% of work remaining.

I'm getting a real head of steam about doing the work now, and feel like the wheels are cranking... so I'm eager to keep pumping out pages while I'm on this roll. I'll give the second last OXYGEN page a start tonight, and hopefully have the last one done by end of the following weekend (1st Feb.).

Some of us have 'day' jobs to work around.... grumble.



Anonymous said...

yup, the new choice of panel works far better mate - that's my non-artist, ignorant opinion anyway; just seems to flow better.
Simply cant wait to see this Mr. N.
I believe you said it was going to be 34 juicy pages at the launch?

Bobby.N said...

Yep - somewhere in the 30's - possibly low 40's... not sure. I'll keep you all posted as I put it together.