19 January 2009

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Ok, at work today made a start on the page during my lunch break. I haven't bothered to clean/contrast the images up, so you can see the inks over the pencils.

First I ink all the linework in nib and india ink. Most good ink (on good paper) will sit on the surface of your page, and even when dry will look 'wet'. You should feel the 'bumpy' lines of your inking when you run your finger across the lines. (Make sure it's dry first!)

Now, a technique I use (for later when I'm detailing highlights in white ink), is when I fill in larger areas of black (like, say the first frame where the guy's pants are all black) I can still see the india ink linework through the marker-filled black area. This is helpful later so I can ink in 'white' lines over those exact same lines. ie. They act like a guide. (Notice you can still see the 'folds' in the guy's pants.)... you'll see what I mean later when I finish the page and add white ink lines in those pants folds.

I started to get more confident with my inking when I wasn't overly criticle of 'perfection'. I took my time, sure, but I relaxed a little and started to enjoy the inking process rather than trying to be Bernie Wrightson. Anyway, my style is more of a cartoonist than a technically precise illustrator.

Here's a detail.

All blacks in Pabeo india ink (sp?), and done using a Gillot-404, Hunt-22, or 102 nib, and black markers for fills. For all of those out there that sneer at me & ink in the 'Marvel way'... blow it out yer ass - :)

I should get this finished in the next few days.
Will post it up soon.



Jason Franks said...

In your place, I would probably use photoshop instead of white ink to make those highlights. I suppose that's a pretty ghetto way of going about it, huh?

What's the 'Marvel Way'? I'm gonna have to learn to ink one of these days...

Bobby.N said...

I like ink on paper too much to actually 'create' the artwork digitally. But i do touch up quite a bit.

There a book/s on "How to ink the Marvel way". Apparently there's 'rules' Jason.


Jason Franks said...

My rule is "leave the inking to somebody who can actually bloody draw."

I've had all kinds of advice on the subject, I just can't do it...

-- JF

Bobby.N said...

That's actually a very astute point Jase. An inker 'should' know how to draw. They're not 'tracers'.


Jason Franks said...

I most certainly went out looking for an inker who draws better than me.

An inker is like a guitar amp: if you have a shit guitar, you can still get some good sounds if you have the right front end. If you have a shitty amp, it doesn't matter how fancy the instrument is, it's gonna sound cheap.

Same for comics: it's really easy to ruin good pencils with bad finishes.