18 January 2009

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THE LIST part-2 has finally been released!
It was a long wait, but it's finally here.

The event kicked off of a beautifully warm summer's Saturday evening with a cool breeze. At 7.30, Zora & I arrived to be greeted at the door by Feur Andrews (Paul's lovely lady), and a semi-packed venue. Paul was in front of a large wall-projected animation (created by Trevor Woods) which was acting as a nice 'lava-lamp' for those trickling in, and was talking to people and doing the rounds.

I saw the comics regulars sitting around the couch area, so i made a b-line, and we chin-wagged for a while as we waiting for the launch to begin. By 8.00pm the place was pretty packed, and Avi Bernshaw got on stage with the microphone and started things.

After Avi's colourful introduction, the book's creators got up to say a few words.

Henry Pop: The book's artist. Tom Bonin inked the book, but is in the UK at the moment and couldn't be there. A great effort. He inked almost 40-50 pages in 3 weeks!

Paul Bedford: The book's author and frontman.

After a great audio-visual presentation launching the book, the crowd's cheers prompted the lights to come on, and the book was lauched. People started to mingle, chat, and have a terrific night.

Henry seeing how good he looked on stage on someone's camera.

Jason Franks scoping for chicks.

The proud couple.

My girl Zora sitting with Fleur outside.

Henry and Paul signing books for the eager public.

I think Paul's eye's were tired from the beer way before the hands were from the signing.

As the night came to a close, the place started to thin, so i decided to get my woman to take a group shot of some of us. I set the camera up, gave it to Zora, and said, "just point and shoot.".... it turned out like this:

Then I took the lens cap off the camera, and we tried again...

THE LIST-2 itself is a wonderfully put together book. The stark b&w artwork compliments the dark themes in the book. The reading experience is comfortable and you turn the pages effortlessly while admiring the lavish illustrations. Paul, Henry & Tom have spent a long time putting this together, and it shows. I know it's only January, but this it'll take a lot to top this as a self-published work this year.

If you like the samples, go out and buy it. You won't be dissapointed.

More details on THE LIST website here.

  • Finally holding the book in my hand. A great book.
  • Seeing everybody turn out to support local self-published talent like this. It's really heartening.
  • Trevor's a/v presentation launching the book. Good stuff.
  • Catching up with, and chatting with everyone.
See you all at the next comic meetup:
Prince Alfred Hotel
Grattan St, Carlton
Sat-Feb-7th - 2pm



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Jason Franks said...

I gotta be more vigilant. Last night, your flashbulb was a harbinger of doom and agony...

Nice coverage, as always. Terrific event for an excellent book.

I should be at the meet, but I'm not 100% yet. Catch you next time!

-- JF