30 January 2009

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It's 2.26pm on a Friday afternoon, and apart from this awful ass-hot weather (it's been 43-degrees Celsius for the last 3 days)... it's been a comparatively good day so far. I opened my email this morning to find 2 more online sales of DIGESTED.01 which gave me a real buzz. Thanks Jason & Adam!

Last night, (after listening to John Retallick's wonderful The Comic Spot radio show between 5-6pm), I penciled a 1-pager for the upcoming DIGESTED.02 but found it unbearably hot to ink. My arms were sweating and humidity made sitting down at the drawing board under my lamp light a virtual impossibility. So I decided to pack my nibs & ink to attack the page at work on my lunch break the following day.

And so today, after my gleeful 2 book sales, I was buoyed to spend my lunchbreak in one of our 'air-conditioned' office's inking the page. I hide in one of the unused meeting rooms during lunchtime because I don't want people interrupting me when I ink with yapping and looking over my shoulder with comments of, "Where did you go to learn to draw?" or "My nephew loves drawing too!" or "don't mind me..." , etc, ad nauseam.

Ahem... anyway, I've pretty much completed inking another page.

This is the result:

I still need to:
  • Fill in blacks& detail.
  • Fix the clouds in the 3rd panel to match the other cloud styles.
  • Add lettering.
  • Minimal grey tone behind drawing, and set page on computer.
And then it's done.

Til next time.


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