18 January 2009

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Today was productive. Updated this blog with quick review & photo-snippet of last night's THE LIST-II launch (see post below)... then, after lunch I read a little... then some writing.... then finished penciling the 3rd or 4th last page of the next installment of OXYGEN which will appear in the upcoming DIGESTED.02. (Hopefully released by end of Feb - start of March latest.)

Anyway, I think this page's composition is nice enough that it'll turn out great in the end. (I hope!)... so here's the pencil... and the inking will follow.




Jason Franks said...

You make it look so easy...

Bobby.N said...

I fooled you guys didn't I?

The steps before this pencilled page are still my usual writing-thumbnailing-sketching... so it's not just penciling the comic page outright. Wish I could though.