12 January 2009

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Depending on the level of detail, and whether I'm inking foreground or background, I tend to use a number of inking tools to lay down blacks. For closeup objects where I want a thicker line, I'll use a brush, or thicker nib (ie. like the hunt-22, hunt-56, or gillot-404)... but for overall fine detail-to-thick linework - nothing beats the hunt-102.

The hunt-102 nib.

From the finest hairline detail, tapered all the way up to a thicker brushlike 'flick'... the hunt-102 is simply the best in my opinion.

For the longest time I resisted using it. You know what it's like; you hear it's the most popular nib for artists, and so you rebel against it (as an independent comic artist) because you think you can find something 'unique'. But once you try it, you smile with resignation and realise the hype is true. It's marvelous.



andrew said...

These are pretty great, although I have been getting into the G nib / G pen I picked up from that manga supplier that was at doujicon.
It's thicker and more flexible, I really enjoy the bendyness.
And the holder is bigger too - fits nicer in the hand. The downside is that I have to start drawing bigger so the lines don't just fill in. It's pretty hard to get used to.

Bobby.N said...

Those manga nib holders are great. I use them for my hunt-22 & 56's. They have a nice chunky feel in the hand.