23 December 2008

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I shouldn't have promised to review TANGO8 because it's just too hard. Man, its such a nice book. There are so many nice pieces inside that it would take forever to review each story, but let me assure you... they're all tasty.

Unlike many other anthologies, I think this one is a major class above. It has quality strewn throughout it. The more experienced authors act as support to the newcomers and as such, make the reading experience flow nicely. The Caleo's have done a fine job in putting this book together. This anthology isn't like so many others where there's only 1 or 2 standouts and you feel like you just got ripped off. You want to hug this book.

TANGO8 is worth every penny paid. You get to sample local published authors like Bruce Mutard, Mandy Ord & Nicki Greenberg... as well as lesser-known (though talented) people like Daniel Reed, Anthony Woodward, Simon Barnard, Tim Molloy, Gina Monaco/Ben Smith, Mirranda Burton, Andrew Fulton, Neale Blanden, Paul Bedford/Matt Emery/Fleur Andrews, Gordon Reece, Jason Franks/J.Marc.Schmidt... to name just a few. The bumper 250pg book is packed with 70 authors!

This is the best local anthology that I've ever seen.
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