18 December 2008

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Have been looking forward to the launch of Bernard Caleo's anthology TANGO-8 for the last few weeks. It's become the local comicbook scene's pre-eminent anthology of great authors.

First off, let me apologise for the low quality photos. In all the excitment, I'd forgotten my regular camera, so I had to use my woefull phone camera. I also forgot my voice recorder to catch Bernard's speech.

Anyway, the time arrived yesterday evening, and my woman & I made our way down to Brunswick for the event.

The launch was at Mr Willkinson at 295 Lygon St, East Brunswick.

Bernard's launch speech was supposed to begin at 7.30pm, so we arrived at about 7.00pm to settle in early.

The place was packed!

Bernard was at the door to greet people in his splendid white suit. There was no mistaking who 'the man' was this evening. He also gave the contributor's to TANGO-8 a complimentary copy (me included) as a fine gesture for participating.

... and there were fresh copies of the new book as well as a nice chronology of previous issues to show the 'life' that TANGO has had to date. A very impressive thing indeed!

For a Wednesday night, I'd imagine the owners were very happy with the 'sardine-like' crowd of artistic-minded people.

It wasn't long before you heard a speaker 'hum' and Bernard's voice saying, "Is this thing on?"

The master orator at work...

Bernard's speech, as usual , was masterful. A few people i chatted to afterwards repeated the sentiment, and were really impressed. Perhaps it's the fact that TANGO & this night means so much to Bernard, but there was a little more stardust about his words this evening. Damn i regret forgetting my voice-recorder. The speech would have been nice to post up here on my blog.

On seeing him around the room and chatting to him, you could tell he was happy and proud of the book and the launch. As Bernard would say... "Huzzah!"

Bernard up on the bar so that the crowd could see him.

... and some of that crowd being...

As usual, was great to catch up with my pals, but i must admit, that i got way too excited and comfortable, and didn't go around to meet as many new faces as i hoped to. Appologies to those that i didn't chat to - will try and catch you next time. (You know what it's like, you think "This is great! The night is young!"... well, it was a school-night - and didn't last as long as I'd hoped.)

It was the best booklaunch I've been to yet. Crowded, but cosy, and a real buzz in the air. For those that didn't come, you missed out on a good one. Shame on you.

As I mentioned earlier, I recieved my complimentary copy of TANGO-8, but didn't want to start reading it there on the night. Instead I'll wait until i have some time to myself, and devour the book with my full attention.

At my work desk the following morning holding TANGO-8.

I make a modest contribution on pages 38-39.

Get TANGO-8 now!
(As well as the older issues) from the official website. Don't be shy... go on, buy it. It's only $20 for almost 250 pages!

Bernard also made the announcement on the night that next year he's releasing a 'BEST OF TANGO' anthology through international distribution channels, which means that Europe and the rest of the world will get to sample some of the cream of Australian comicbook authors. Good on you Bernard!

I haven't read TANGO-8 yet, but will let you know in the next post what I thought the stand outs were. Can't wait.




J Marc Schmidt said...

Hey Bobby, thanks for writing and posting photos of the Tango 8 launch. I would have loved to have been there, so I appreciate it! It sounds like it was an excellent night.

Bobby.N said...

Was great Marc. Best I've been to yet.