08 December 2008

I made my way into the city an hour early to drop into the 'Alternate Worlds' comicbook shop for their Xmas sale. (Up to 80% off... this week only!) ... & gave a few things a chance that I normally wouldn't considering the cheap price of some books. Also bought 2 full-priced books.

Then, it was onto the last meetup of the year... and it was a nice endcap to the year. The wind was cool on a slightly humid day.

Upon arriving, Colin was looking at someone's folio...

...while I sat down and Greg showed me a copy of the latest TANGO anthology. Nice!... Details of the booklaunch at the bottom of this post. come along!

We're not usually this serious, I swear!...


Well, perhaps crazy, but definitely not serious... Oh jeez, how embarrassing.

The above photo was in response to claims that Trev, Paul and I were secretly part of a Shaolin Kung Fu monastery. Trev has the sleazy-magician thing going on, while I look like I'm trying for a major bowel movement... and Paul didn't feel like posing.

A nice time was had by all. It was a very full turnout of about 20- 25 people in all.

  • In depths chats of work we're doing over Summer.
  • Showing folio work around.
  • Showing new comics we've bought and discussing them in relation to our own methods and aims.
  • Drinking.
  • Good company.
See you at the launch of Bernard Caleo's latest TANGO No.8 anthology (Love & Food)... of which I have a 2-pager published, as well as many other talented local creators. Come to the launch and buy it! It's already in Minotaur & Alternate worlds.

Click here for more details from Bernard Caleo's website.
See you all there!



Jason Franks said...

Another meet I wish had gone on for a few more hours...

The blonde artist whose folio James and I are looking at in the last photo is Luke Pickett, the Prince of Adobe Illustrator (http://www.lukepickett.com.au/).

-- JF

Bobby.N said...

Yeah, it was a good one wasn't it.