22 November 2008

Just for those of you who don't believe that I'm laying ink on paper... here's a peek at 2 pages from my next issue DIGESTED.02.

Click on image to enlarge.

Yeah, ok, It's not in the previous square format of issue-1, but after experimenting and getting nagging ideas out of my system in DIGESTED.01, I've decided that it reads better in the standard taller comicbook layout. I guess the old greats knew what they were doing... go figure?

This issue will be (6x9") 'digest' size... (no pun intended)... which is just a bit bigger than A5. The artwork looked 'just right' when I printed out a sample... we'll see. Who knows, the next issue might be a huge fold-out-map type of comic that's as big as your wall!..... just kidding.

See you all at the next comicbook meet in 2 weeks:

Day: 6th-December-2008 (Saturday afternoon)
2pm - onwards
Where: Prince Alfred Hotel (Pub)
Grattan St, Carlton (Across from Melbourne Uni.)



fandi said...

love the sound "KUD". have to save enough money for this one i hope. :D

Tom Bonin said...

I know the feeling.

Azzamckazza said...

This looks great man. The way you've done the water is tops.

gotta say I look forward to your stuff. It's serious quality in the art department which , to me, the aussie scene is severely lacking.