06 October 2008

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Some great points to consider... and I am.

I was just snickering to myself, thinking, "What if, by the time I'm ready to go to print, I've drawn a completely different cover?... won't you all be pissed off with me?" - :)



Zeno said...

My vote still goes for the top right cover.

Although I like the depth that the colours add to the scene - particularly in the bottom right cover - I still feel that the duotone version is bolder from a design perspective and draws my interest immediately to the central figure.

Jason Franks said...

I like the bottom right.

The figure pops more in the two new ones, and for some reason I just like the cooler colours.

-- JF

Bobby.N said...

The 'designer' in me agrees with Zeno, thought the 'artist' in me agrees with Jason.

Well... i guess it'll come down to my headspace right before publication - to which I'll probably say, "I should have done the OTHER cover" right after its printed.



(Thanks for the feedback guys... I'll stop torturing you & just
reveal my decision on the cover when it's due for print.)

Alex said...

Will we be seeing this on sale at Armageddon?

As for covers: Top left, because the tones divide the foreground and background best without costing clarity in either.
I'm sure the choice is made by now.

Bobby.N said...

No, won't be ready for Armaggeddon... but should be out around the year's end.