24 October 2008

Some three years ago, I published 300 copies of WITHHELD (my first self-published effort) - and recently, got down to my last seven copies, so it was time for another print run. It's now got a new cover, but the book is as solid & well printed as the last. Maybe better? Thanks to Baden at Jeffries Printing who did an amazing job on it.

WITHHELD means a lot to me, as this little tart was the first time I went for it as a complete book. I'm happy it's sold steadily over the years, and in the spirit of 'do-it-yourself', I'm able to keep it in print.

New printing of WIHHELD | A5, 40pgs (ONLY $7)

So if you haven't bought it yet - you can get it at my website www.bluetoaster.com. Or even if you have a copy of the first printing (which is probably worn out by the 523rd reading), or if you need a spare incase someone breaks into your house and steals it, or you want to give someone a wonderful gift, or...

uh... you get the picture.

Anyway, I'll be at the Hawthorn Town Hall's ZINE Fair this Sunday where you can pick up a copy. I'll even do a sketch inside the front cover for FREE!.

See you there.


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Anonymous said...

hello, you don't know me, I bought a couple of your comics at that zine fair (although i didn't talk to you, oh well) It was a bit quiet, but your work is awesome :D i love them. I am just going to lurk a lot now. okay?