03 October 2008

Jason Franks, a regular at our monthly meetups, was under the pump to finish the second issue of his comic series KAGEMONO for the upcoming 'Armaggeddon' convention (in November). Jason, being the smart person that he is, realised that it's safest to leave 1 month for the printer to proof, print & deliver his book, and so needed to compile/complete the issue this week. Well, he worked his ass off like a sweatshop worker & did it. Just... isn't that always the way?

Anyhow, I offered to help him out with a drawing for the cover (so he had 1 less thing to do), and here it is...

Jason will be selling it at the upcoming Armaggeddon Expo in Melbourne, as well as from his website Black Glass Press. Check it out.

Reminder: I'll be at the Festival-pub thing this Saturday. (Details in the post below.) Come down if you can and say hello.


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