06 October 2008

In light of Jo Waite & Bernard Caleo's organisation of the 'Ugly, Drunk & Stupid' exhibit as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, this month's meetup was shifted to the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery to take part in this event.

Colin Wilson & I arrived early and sat down at a nearby corner pub and talked shop as people walked by in the sunshine. At about 1.45pm we made our way across the road to the gallery.

Some of our comicbook locals were already there, as well as new faces. Given that there was about 10 minutes before Bernard began his talk on the exhibit and it's themes, it gave us a chance to look at the artwork and say hello to a few people.

Then Bernard began his talk about the exhibit and the themes of 'Ugly' drawings in comics. From memory, he used the examples of Basil Wolverton, (some other guy), and Peter Bagge as the main focus of the talk. It was a nice presentation with examples of work handed around during the talk. There was plenty of back-&-forth with the audience as everyone joined in with their interpretations and opinions. A lot of fun.

After the talk, everyone was invited to sit down behind a long table and draw their most 'ugly' character on a beer coaster. People walked around, drew, viewed & discussed the artwork and its themes, and indulged in sweet sherry.

Thanks to Jo & Bernard for their efforts. It was a lot of fun.

More details of the event can be found at Bernard Caleo's website, and more photos at Mardi Nowak's website (Gallery Curator).


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