03 October 2008

Don't mind me... I'm just pulling my hair out trying to figure out which direction to go colouring the next issue. I swear, B&W is easier sometimes... so few choices that it's comforting.



andrew said...

I like the one on the left. The duotonish one is nice, but I don't think there is enough variation in the background - makes it look a little flat?

M.Emery said...

they both look fine, im more partial to the one of the right, i guess i like the mood of less colours.

John Retallick said...

I like the one on the left too. But i'd ask myself how does the colour treatment compare to issue 1? and do you want all the Digested covers to all tie together or for each cover image's colour pallet to reflect the emotional tone of each specific cover image.

Nice Kagemono cover too.


Bobby.N said...

Thanks people. Gives me some food-for-thought. Im 'leaning' toward the colour one myself - but i'll see how I go.


Jason Franks said...

I like the colour one.

-- JF

The said...

The left I think is more exciting but the red you chose for the table comes out too much so that it sits on top of the image rather than in it. Or said another way: the background is too flat with the same result.
I think a bit more tonal variation in the background or subdue the red a bit.
The right one works but is just a bit lifeless.

Zeno said...

I put my vote in for the one on the right.

Brings focus onto the central character and what he has on the table and builds interest there. Also feel it fits better with the first cover. Great cover either way though.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the green one.

- dc

G said...

My vote is on the right.

I think this compliments Digest 01's cover style more and I like how the "02" stands out in red against the overall green hue.