22 September 2008

Thought I'd just share with you a preview of a page I just finished this weekend. This is a double-page spread of a short piece that'll be in DIGESTED.02.

Ok, first I sketch a small thumbnail of what i have in my mind.

It's a very quick composition with basic shapes. Pretty much all my thumbnails are like this. I like to get the shapes & proposrtions right, before I go into detailed penciling. (The thumbnail is about 14cm wide x 8cm high, just to give you an idea... oh, and it's a double-page spread - notice the fold marks in the middle.)

Next, I scan the small thumbnail into the computer, enlarge it so that it can fit on A3 & print it out on 2 seperate a4 sheets, stick them together - then use that as my undrlay. I then place my final artcard over the top, and lightly pencil the shapes. Once the light penciling is done, I take the underlay away, and have a fun time penciling all the details.

Next I ink the pencilled page.

I usually start with the foreground, and work from thickest lines, to thin/details. Here, I started with the forground of traffic, and used thick lines first (ie. The closest objects) - and then going further away into the perspectives using thinner nibs/pens.

See... the thickest lines are all filled in first.

I do it this way because it gives the drawing a 'confidence' of foundation. When I proceed to the details next, I then feel like the drawing in 'anchored' with the thick blacks and foreground. If I did the background (small/thin details) first, I'd probably feel a little apprehensive because I'd be worried if the main/obvious lines of the foreground (which people will see the easiest) - isn't done yet... so i think "am I doing this deatail all for nothing?"... I guess I like to get the hardest stuff out of the way first. Just the way my mind works.

The inked page. (Background/details done.)

The completed artwork of the 2-page spread. (2 greys used.)

There's still letttering to be done to the page to finish it, but you'll have to wait to see it in DIGESTED.02... hopefully out by year's end.



Luke Pickett said...

Hey man your stuff is depressingly awesome.

Anonymous said...



Jason Franks said...

Hey, what kind of artboard do you use?

(That's about my favourite question...)

Bobby.N said...

It took me a while to experiment & find the right one (price vs quality) - but i use one from 'Office Works'. I think it's their 190gsm colour printer card. They come in batches of 250 and cost ~$15 (from memory). Ink doesn't bleed, and has a nice smooth matt 'silk' surface. Works for me, because I go through a lot. I chop up my panels & aren't precious with the final work, so it made more sense to find something like this (cheap) that had good quality.


subatomicomics said...

Hi there bobby, was snuffling about pulp faction's archives lookin for printers and lo! i saw a mention of your comic meet, would love to attend and meet some more... uh... mutant scum? cheers, pretty greys btw

Bobby.N said...

Check under the 'melbourne' meets section of the Pulp Faction board.... all the latest info on where/when we're all metting up is there.