16 September 2008

Last Sunday 14th Sep. (at 2pm in the afternoon), Mandy Ord organised an informal gathering at the Napier Hotel in Fitzroy. From what I hear, Mandy works on Saturday's and can't make our regular meetups, so this was a chance for another gathering for those who have Sunday's off. Any chance to sit and chat about comics and see local work is a treat for me (I mean how often do you get to do it in 'regular' life, right?), so I made my way down.

Upon arriving there were only about 5 people gathered, but it quickly filled up.

Queenie brought a whole stack of Graphic Novels to return to John Retallick. Quite a big pile too! Out of titles such as Seth's 'Its a Good Life if You Don't Weaken', 'Palestine' (and many others) - her favorite seemed to be Jeffrey Brown's 'Unlikely'. It's not uncommon to hear (I think he's very easy/natural to read.), because of his sympathetic and measured way of looking at relationships.

Interestingly, I found out that Jason shared my fondness for Henry Rollins. I must admit, I like his books much more than I do his music.

After a while, there were quite a few people there. Cosy and chatty.

Sorry to all the people who's names I forgot to mention in the above photos. I'm awful upon meeting people the first/second time around (in passing) and can never seem to remember people's names unless i write them down (and I didn't really want to do that.... people would look at me a little strange.) - but after a few meetings - i should get people's names filtering through my basic brain.

An A4-sized blank jigsaw was being passed around that people drew a comic panel in, then passed it along. (A novel idea.)

For those who didn't make it - you missed out on a relaxed Sunday gathering.


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M.Emery said...

hey have you read rollin's get in the van? i got a beaut hardcover if you wanna check it out.