11 September 2008

Firstly, sorry for being a few days late on this month's meetup update. I do these updates at my day job, and this week has been incredibly busy.

Ok... This month's meetup had about 25-30 people. A big improvement over last month's meet where there were only 4 of us. Just goes to show you can't pick it... (Also, most everyone caught an aweful cold that swept the city in that week... so I suppose I can forgive them all this once.)

Anyway, I got there a little late (unusual for me, as i like to get there about a half-hour early to make the most of it, and read a book or sketch as I wait for people to arrive) - and was welcomed by the steadfast regaulars, Paul, James(Behind Paul), Greg & Colin.

What a nice welcome from my regualar comicbook buddies....

Soon it started to fill in...

John Retallick giving some advice.

Philip Bentley (publisher of 'Word Balloons') and I had a nice conversation where he gave me some constructive criticism about my last book DIGESTED.01. It's always good to hear people's thoughts on your work, and even better when its good advice from a seasoned publisher. Thanks to everyone who's given me feedback on it too, it's really helped in shaping the next issue.

Don't mess with Bruce.

You might remember in a post at the start of the year (3-Feb-08), I brought along a special 'nib' pen that i purchased on the net. Well, Colin Wilson (yes THE Colin wilson) tried to get one too, but got the run-around. I've been meaning to give him the pen for a while (As i hardly use it, and figured "Hey, at least someone productive should make use of it."), and recently did.

He was kind enough to surprise me with a wonderful inked page. (I think using the pen in places).

Innit just sweet?...

This month's turnout was really great. Many people came and the spring weather only made it better. It was sunny and cool... Perfect. Only later did it start to cool down and each of us started to put on our jumpers and coats.

At the end of the night, with only myself, Mike Nason & James left... the conversation started to (as it often does with beer) turn to philosophy and the 'meaning' of things. Unfortunately (or fortunantly) I had my girlfriend waiting in the car for me and I had to scoot.

Highlights this month:
  1. Nice conversations with all. Was a really big & friendly atmosphere.
  2. Queenie Chan & John Retallick showed up.
  3. John brought along a whole stack of 'auto-bio' comics.
  4. Looking at Mike Nason's penciled pages to his upcoming comic.
  5. The chat with Philip Bentley
  6. Colin's Dredd sketch (Thanks!)
I'll be catching up with a few of the guys/girls this Sunday, so see some of you there. Now I just have to finish my last few panels for Bernard Caleo's 'TANGO' anthology (Deadline is Monday:15th Sep) - and so i'll be at home Friday night scribbling away.

Til next time....



Jason Franks said...

Bloody hell, I wish I could have been there instead of at the airport.

What's going on Sunday? Not that I can probably go. I have a lunch and then I gotta letter my TANGO storyI don't think the art will be ready til Sunday, since we only finalized the script on Tuesday...

-- JF

Bobby.N said...

I've emailed you about Sunday Jase.

Im inking the last panels of my TANGO story. I'll probably run it to the wire to. How are you going to get your story to Bernard by Monday (Deadline?)... its something im wondering about too.


Jason Franks said...

I'll email the high res files to him, same as last year...

Let me check my email!

-- JF