30 September 2008

Am half way through the next issue, and thought I'd give you a preview of the tentative cover. Am hoping to finish DIGESTED.02 by year's end.

In other local news, this Saturday the Melbourne Fringe Festival (Town Hall Galley: Hawthorn TownHall) is on, and Jo Waite is organising a local comicbook creator exhibit in it. The theme for the artwork is 'Ugly, Drunk &/or Stupid.

Thursday (2-Oct)
Opening (6-9pm)

Saturday (4-Oct)
Main event starts (2pm) Bernard Caleo opens the exhibit and talks of comic art, etc. Draw off (3pm) Artists draw the Ugliest faces they can.

I forgot the festival was on this weekend, and seeing as i promised to do a drawing for it, i quickly inked up something and shot it off to Jo. Here's the result below.

Hope to see some of you there this Saturday.



Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to have Digested ready for Armageddon? Get your arse into gear!
Love the guy with the cigarette.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobsta,

nice work mate.

Didnt know about this satdee.

You going, yeah?

What the details, you dirty bastard?


Bobby.N said...

The table sharing situation didn't pan out for me, and i couldn't justify $200 for a table on my own. Given that DIGESTED.02 would end up probably being shorter than the first issue if i tried to make the Armaggeddon deadline, I thought I'd relax the deadline & make the next issue thicker & release it later. Not too much later.

Details are on my blog (that you just read)... you blind? :)

I think Greg has kind of moved the meet to this event... but the PF board should have the final say.


Bobby.N said...

PS: Thought you'd appreciate a drawing without any cross-hatching.

The said...

Hey, I love cross hatching as much as the next man. You implying something!