08 July 2008

Ok, tell you what I did...

Since 'Doujicon' is coming up at the end of this month (26th & 27th July at the Trades Hall in Melbourne), I quite fiendishly decided to take some time off work leading up to the event so I can finish my first issue of DIGESTED which I hope to sell there.

I'm not the kind of person who likes to take long holidays of 1-2 weeks from work and then have nothing left. I like having days in reserve. I'm the kinda guy who has about x200 hunt-#102 pen nibs because I'm worried that they'll stop making them, and I'll run out. So anyway, what I've done for the last few years is take successive mondays off... so again this time, I've taken 5 mondays off in a row, and now have 5 long weekends! Sunday comes along and I have a wry smile on my face, because i can sleep in, wake up at 11am, and work on my book uninterrupted (since everyone's at work). Effectively only working a 4-day week for a month & a half. Genius huh?... well, I think so.

Anyway... this weekend was another comicbook meetup. I got into the city a bit earlier and popped into 'Minotaur Bookshop' on Elizabeth St... there I bumped into Colin Wilson & James Andre. Colin was gracious enough to give James & I a lift to the meetup (saving us a 20min walk). The conversation in the car was a funny one - last meetup I gave Colin the movie "Revolver" to watch, and this month's review of it was that he absolutely hated it. In fact he said it was one of the worst movies he'd ever seen. This was laugh-out-loud funny to me, because I thought it was one of the best movies I had ever seen!?

It was all too funny laughing at our different tastes.

We got to the meetup, and after a short while people started to trickle in. It ended up being a pretty chunky turnout this month (about 15-20 people). You can never tell how many people will come - but it's always fun... whether it's 5 people or 50.

The regulars were there... Canaan popped in from Canada to say hello, before heading back indefinitely.

Highlights for me this month:

1. Colin hating the movie 'Revolver'.
2. Talk with Michael Nason about comic theory.
3. Chat to Bruce Mutard about politics & comics.
4. Looking at a few comics that people brought in.

I wasn't sure if there'd be a good turnout (since Doujicon was coming up), and thought that people might be saving themselves for that... but I was wrong. All the regulars (and some) showed up... except for Trev, Dave Cunning & Paul Bedford, but I suppose I can forgive them since they've always been kinda soft.

Anyway... see you all in 3 weeks at Doujicon where I should have my new issue of DIGESTED for sale!

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