12 May 2008

Sunday was mother's day, and after dropping by my parents place for a nice lunch, I decided to swing by the city for the Small Press & Zine Fair. I knew a few local comicbook creators were going to be at this small event, so i was looking forward to chatting to a few of them.

Just arriving at the fair's entrance.

The first familiar faces I saw were Bruce & Philip. I stayed and chatted to them for a while about their thoughts on the fair and how they were selling on the day. Funnily enough, Philip said that his best seller was the old 'Inkspots' magazine from the early 1980's!... just goes to show that you can't pick what's going to move on the day. Chatted to Bruce about comics and his latest book 'The Sacrifice'. These 2 professional fellows have been in the Melbourne comics scene forever, and are a pleasure to chat to about the medium. I picked up the latest issue of Word Balloons (featuring an interview with Nicki Greenberg) from Philip. Get your hands on it here for only $5!

David drawing his 'comic-in-a-day'.

The new captain of PulpFaction's forums.

The fair was small, but well placed I thought. Being right in the heart of the city at FED Square - (UPDATE: Ive just told me that the tables are FREE!, but a donation is appraciated. ) made it a very worthwhile place to sell your self-published wares I thought. Will definitely try to be here next year behind a table.

Most sellers that I talked to said that this year's event was a bit 'quieter' compared to last year's, but that may have been due to it being on mother's day. Not sure. Either way, i thought it was a great place for self-publishers to sell their books/wares. Cheap for the sellers and cheap for the buyers. A win-win all round.

Aside from Word Balloons, I also picked up issues #24 & #25 of 'Going Down Swinging'. The book is an anthology of short stories and poetry from Australia. Issue #25 (in particular) - features comicbook talent from a few locals creators.

So, anyway... catch you next time.



Ive said...

The tables were technically free! It was recommended we make a $20 donation to secure a spot and that would have totally been worth it.
Nice sneaky photo work, next time say hi!

Bobby.N said...

Hi Ive,
You were chatting to someone, so i thought i'd catch you next time.

Free huh. Well - thats even better!
(let me update the blog!)


Azzamckazza said...

I picked up some good shit from the fair. 'The Seven DEadly Sins of the Modern world' by jake rolfe (lovely art) and Lumpen Proletariat by Pat Grant whose stuff flipped my lid a little. He was sitting next to BLUMENSHTEIN! nice fellow. He's got a very nice and varied style and his comics are not only FUNNY but INTELLIGENT. So refreshing to find.