19 May 2008

Ok, listen up all you perverted black-&-white inkers who use a pen nib.

After a lot of making-do (and experimenting) with white ink that is 'almost what I'm after' - I decided to actually talk to my artstore (at Westart in Footscray), in a last hope - and explain what I do, what I've used before, and what I'm after.

I explained that although some of the other inks that were on the shelves were perfect for my black inking needs (like W&N & Paebo) - i couldn't find a comparable WHITE ink to go on black surfaces with the same level of consistency, thickness & continuous line.

He recommended this:

FW Acrylic Artists Ink.

This.White.Ink.Is.AMAZING!. Unlike most other white inks, it has the highest opacity/white pigment (so it doesn't dry semi-clear) compared to others - and sits on top of the paper like the black ink of W&N or Paebo. It also lasts on your pen nib for a long time without needing to dip into the bottle.

Quite simply this white ink is beautiful to work with.

NOTE: Don't get the 'Pealescent' Acrylic Ink in the same range! It's got silver/shiny granules in all the ink ranges, and isn't as opaque.

Thank you to Tim (i think?) at Westart in Foostcray!



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brian said...

Nice! I've been hunting for ink like that. Thanks!