22 May 2008

Here's a squiz of a page i just did.

I free-sketch the ideas for the panels that are to go onto the page (in sketchbook or on loose paper). No format, just all over the place. It helps me free up & get creative about camera-angles and shots.

Then i scan it in at lo-res and arrange the pics at full-size, then print it out 1-1.

I print it out on my laser printer (my underlay). I then place it on my lightbox with a sheet of inking card/paper over the underlay and start to pencil the page in blue pencil.

Penciled page.

Now this is where i cheat a little, because there are 3 panels that have the same scene in it and so I'm just going to ink one, then repeat it later in post-production on the computer. (I know, I know... the purests out there are rolling their eyes.)

Inking the page.

I usually ink the 'thick' lines first, then go onto the details and filling 'blacks' in.

Final inked page.

And the final page.

Don't know about the last panel. I don't 'hate' it, but just not sure it 'reads' well as a composition when following the panels. We'll see. It might stay.

Later, people.


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Azzamckazza said...

Woot! Finally some art :)

Looks good mate - can't wait to see new stuff from you.
You'll be at Doujicon yeah? Want to get copies of your other books as well

Bobby.N said...

Yeah - I should be there. Providing i finish what i need to.


Mattbonzo said...

looking good man, i'll take one of everything at doujicon

Tom Bonin said...

How about reversing the last panel so the guy's facing off page towards the next page?

Bobby.N said...

nice idea Tom!



Anonymous said...

Lookin' Good, Mr. N. I was drawn in to - and now find myself addicted to - your subtle, considered style.

Looking forward to catching up on saturday mate.

Paul Bedford