25 April 2008

Made my way down to the 'official' booklaunch of Bruce Mutard's graphic novel 'The Sacrifice'. (which you may remember I showed a preview of on an earlier blog [below: 2-feb-08 at the Retreat Hotel].)

The launch was held at 6.30pm at 'Readings' bookstore as the sun had just gone down and the 'cosy' continental Lygon Street was moderately occupied by people relaxing in cafes and restaurants.

The in-store launch poster for Bruce's book...

Upon arriving, said hello & chatted to some of the regaulars (like Darren Close, Colin Wilson & Philip Bentley.).

A hot chick...

Then precedings began...

Someone from the store announced the begining of the launch...

As a full crowd listened on...

Bernard Caleo started precedings with a speech outlining the book's origins, themes and ideas. With the addition of a boiling teapot (because the book has a lot of tea-drinking instances), Bruce Mutard (Author/Creator) and Bernard began to talk to the audience.

Bernard Caleo and Bruce Mutard chatting.

The book itself on counter.

After Bernard & Bruce had finished their expository speech about 'The Sacrifice', they opened the floor up for some questions. Inside my head I was hoping that no-one would ask the tired old question of "Where do you get your ideas from?" - which thankfully no one did - although there was the question that went something like, "So, would you want to make the book into a cartoon/movie?"... to which i just chuckled.

Look, I know the question was genuine, and most likely came from someone 'outside' the comicbook/GN fraternity, but I weary of people's reluctance to value a comicbook or graphic novel for the 'completeness' of itself. And I'm sure Bruce doesn't view 'The Sacrifice' as a 'rough-draft' for a movie, cartoon or reality-TV show. I think it's a little naive and unfair to the author.

Anyway - enough about me.

Once the talk & questions were over, it was time to enjoy mingling and chatting to people...

As time went on, the place petered out, and with only a handful of people left, there were some nice intimate chats about comic-craft and other people's upcoming books. Myself, Colin Wilson, Greg Gates, Mandy Ord & Jason Franks talked about upcoming work and 'stuff'.

...while Bruce got a sore wrist signing copies of his book.

A good time was had by all, and Bruce looked like he was having a ball. Chatting to him after his signings (with only a few of us left) he looked pleased with how it went. For those who missed out on coming - you missed out on a great night.

Hopefully, I'll catch up with the rest of you at the next comicbook meetup:

DATE: 03-May-2008
the Prince Alfred Hotel on Gratton St, Cartlon

Be there.



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