07 April 2008

Had a great time last night at the 'Waldo' book launch (see previous post below), and Woke up this morning with a smile on my face because my 'comics' related weekend had another dose for me, with our monthly 'meetup' today at 2.00pm at the 'Prince Alfred Hotel'.

Here are the snaps:

The Prince Alfred on Grattan St Carlton (across the road from Melbourne Uni). There we all are outside. Usually we're inside, though it was a nice day, though you can't tell by the photo, which i took just as a momentary cloud went overhead.

Paul Bedford's really a nice guy, he's just wearing really tight underwear.

All the regulars and some new faces.

Darren wearing Colin's hat trying to be the most 'regal'.

These long-time comicbook authors in the Melbourne scene are a wealth of experience and information. These guys are also some of nicest you'll come across. Bruce Mutard is now releasing his huge tome 'The Sacrifice' through Allen & Unwin (see some previews of it below on my 2-feb-08 posting).

Colin Brought along some work that he'd just finished for Star Wars.

Colin Wilson's recent work for future issue/s of Star Wars/Rebellion.

It was a great meet in the great outdoors in front of the pub this month. James arrived first, and I second. Soon everyone else trickled in, and in little time we had about 20-or-so people. Lotsa comic chat, previews and reading.

Memorable moments:
  1. Seeing Colin's wonderful inked pages.
  2. Chatting to some of the new faces (sorry guys, have forgotten your names.)
  3. Grabbing one of Jason Frank's first comics 'One more bullet'.
  4. Talking to Paul, David, Bruce & Jason about this-&-that... as well as others.
  5. Colin giving me one of his pen nibs to take home and try.

At about 5-6 o'clock people started to slowly evaporate, leaving only a few of us there. Namely, David Cunning, Greg Gates, Michael Nason, James Andre and myself. By 7 o'clock, it was dark, and the discussion started to revolve around life, the universe & society's perceptions of comics, etc. It got so deep (probably helped along by alcohol and fatigue) that James looked like he was going to fall over, and Greg and I sat there trying to converse Psychology and it's relation to comicbooks and the types of readers out there. Finally it got to the topic of 'TRUTH'. (You can imagine what that may have been like.). Mike Nason is well read/versed on a whole lot of topics 'around' comics, and this turned into an interesting discussion, where Greg and I were trying to 'keep up'.

Anyway, my ride home arrived, and I said goodbye.

I'll be back next month with bells on.



Anonymous said...

Nice wrapup, Bobby.

The new guy standing behind me in the second or third photo is 'Alex'.

Hope you enjoy tOne More Bullet! Is next weekend's excursion to the comedy festival still on?

-- Jason

Bobby.N said...

As far as i know, yep.

I'll be there. I'll send out a reminder on the boards on Thu/Fri too.