26 April 2008

Had a chat with Greg Gates at last week's launch of Bruce Mutard's book 'The Sacrifice' (see previous post) - and he mentioned again how he'd like for me to show more pages of my work (As I've stopped showing them until I've finished the whole stories.) - Well, upon thinking about it, I thought that it might be an ok idea for people to get a glimpse of the things I'm working on at the moment as a sort of 'I'm not dead, just working' scenario.

Ok, Update...

I've been working on a larger graphic novel in the background as some may know (tentatively named 'Oxygen' for now) and so far, has been a very slow project to finish due to its size & other factors Im working through in the project.

ALSO - At he same time, Im working on another series of books called 'DIGESTED' (of which I'm half way through the first book) - which are new short stories of mine from my diaries, observations, poems & thoughts (ie. The double meaning being: I've 'digested' these stories from my life, and life has in turn, 'digested' me.). The book is a kind of anthology of my most recent short work collected into volumes. One thing I've always struggled with as a consumer ( in regard to anthologies), is laying down money for a whole book of which I may only like the work of 1 or 2 contributors. So, Im banking on the idea that if people like my stuff, they'll like a whole book full of my short stories.

The book should be about 50+ pages. I'm aiming for the first volume of 'DIGESTED' to be printed at the year's end (or early next year, at the latest) .

Here's an (unlettered/untoned) page from 'DIGESTED'...

DIGESTED: 'FIRST DATE' (ink only) : Pg4 of 6.




Tom Bonin said...

Looking good Bobby. Glad to see Greg's kick in the pants worked. It does seem though, knowing that it is going to be toned, that something's missing.

Bobby.N said...

Yep - thats true.

These blog pieces are going to be 'previews' of what Im working on, so I'm looking to show the the completed toned/lettered page in the final printed book.

Its a way of showing something without showing everything - until it's in book form.


Anonymous said...

Ah, coffee! Terrific art as usual, comrade.

I guess the idea of the pants-kicking was to see some of your art on the current page, not just pics of Bozos at the Boozer (although that's good too).