05 April 2008

Not only do Friday evenings fill me with the warm promise of a workless next few days, but this weekend is doubly great because I caught up with my girlfriend after work to go to Gestalt's Melbourne book launch of Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday! at 'Brunswick Bound' bookshop. A nice looking book being launched at a nice looking venue.

Here's what Gestalt's book launch looked like:

A nice crowd turned up.

John Retallick theatrically introduces Waldo's official launch in Melbourne, while publisher Wolfgang listens on.

Chris Burns (Artist of the book) tries his best at a speech after drinking 53 bottles of beer.

...while Justin (colourist of the book) sits close by.

The bookshop's front desk - made of books.

After the speech I spotted a few of the Melbourne comicbook regulars and had a nice time talking about the event and the local comics 'scene' in general..

Some of the regulars that turned up to support the book's launch. Onya guys.

Memorable moments:
  1. Chatting to publisher Wolfgang about Gestalt, their books and upcoming projects they are planning.
  2. Chat with John Retallick about the great buzz in the local comics arena right now. John run's a weekly online comics radio show. He's as excited as i am.
  3. Catching up with the regulars like - Colin, Darren and Philip.
  4. After the event, went down the road to 'The Retreat' and had a drink & chatted with Colin & Tom.

For those who missed out on the launch (and the book), you can get it directly from Gestalt by clicking here.


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