04 March 2008

This month's meetup was held at our (finally) permanent home at the Prince Alfred on Grattan street in Carlton. Starting time was/is 2:00pm. It's a wonderful 'open' pub across the road from Melbourne University. Normally a busy area, it's refreshingly quiet on a Saturday afternoon. I really like it.

About 20 people turned up. A big solid meet. Colin Wilson ('Star Wars' artist) & Bruce Mutard ('The Sacrifice' author: back to us in photo) will be signing autographs at the upcoming supernova in Melbourne. BE THERE!

Yeah, yeah. I know my camera phone is rubbish.

Jason & henry scribbling & chatting.

Tom Bonin brought along some of Tom Gould's work. Freakin amazing stuff. The penwork is great. The same type of workmanship you'd see in Crumb's work is evident here. Very patient and meticulous cross-hatching and lines.

A close-up. (Even though my camera is aweful)

Taken at around 6:30 when many people had started to leave.

David Cunning telling me to "take a photo! take a photo!" of his LAC t-shirt.

Memorable moments:
  1. Though sad, saying farewell (albeit temporarily I hope) to Tom Bonin as he goes to England for a year. He's one of the nicest guys, and very motivated/committed to his craft.
  2. Tom Showing me Tom Gould's comics.
  3. Short chat with David Bird on making time for your comics in between family & work.
  4. Looking at Greg Gate's tiny sketchbook.
  5. Chatting with James Andre about writing and our similar taste in authors, like 'Hank' Bukowski & Jim Goad.
  6. Chatting with many people this month on may topics.
  7. A particularly in-depth chat outside (in the lovely cool breeze and sunset) with Tom & Philip about comics, conventions & *audiences.

*The conversation Tom, Philip & I were having, was exploring the popular question of how much does one target an audience when creating work.

I've always been of the opinion that most successful (if not all) creativity stems from the creator's need/desire to express something. He/she has a passion to lay it down in some form. My take on it is, "Im not going to spend months/years creating something about Britney Spears simply because she's popular." - i'd rather roll around in broken glass.

Particularly comics; where It's so labour intensive & time consuming, that you'd better enjoy making it.

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it."
- Thoreau


It was a great meet.
Looking forward to next month's at our new home.


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