03 February 2008

Today's meetup was held (for the last time) at the Retreat. After some pub-crawling by Greg & Philip, it was decided that subsequent meetups will be held at the 'Prince Albert'.


I was the first to arrive at about 1.30, and was reading Bukowski when Trev walked in. We started chatting about the full-colour graphic novel that he's compiling of his 'Sawbones' online comic - and the 'interesting' hurdles he's having to jump over - as well as the interesting online chat thats been going on lately over at Pulp Faction's forum. Soon we were joined by Tom Bonin who's been a busy man working on his new 'Dicks' issue, as well as inking pages for the forthcoming issue of Paul Bedford's 'The List'.

Tom's finished inks.

Then Colin Wilson, Greg Gates & Bruce Mutard trickled in.

Bruce brought in about 5 advance copies of the first volume of his new 250 page graphic novel 'The Sacrifice' published by Allen & Unwin. Bruce signed & sketched something in the front cover for those of us who bought it. (Which was all of the first people there!) - ;)

It's a beautiful book, set in historic Melbourne. For those who don't know Bruce's work - check it out. Here's a sample...

Page-69 of 'The Sacrifice'.

This month it was my turn to bring in a little 'toy'. I brought along a pen i bought online 2 weeks ago through Ackerman pens. They have a range of 'pump' pens that take all sorts of antiquated pen nibs like the speedball & hunt nibs.

Greg Gate's first words after Colin's sketch were 'eBay!'. - lol

After a while our meetup was packed. Lots of drinks, hot chips & comicbook chat.

Memorable moments for me this month:

  1. Bruce Mutard's new GN 'The Sacrifice'.
  2. Tom Bonin's inks for The List.
  3. Colin Wilson telling me to 'lighten up!' after showing how i procrastinate over the 'perfect' inking style in my work.
  4. The chips
  5. Greg Gates giving me the original 1986 trades of 'Batman - Year One'. (Oh, the nice yellow paper and old-style colouring)
Was a wonderful meetup yet again. Sad to be leaving the Retreat, as its a wonderful venue with big/long tables, but looking forward to next month's meet at our new home - the 'Prince Albert'.

See you all there.