15 October 2007

(Another late post) - but only by a few weeks. C'mon, give me a break?

There's not much new I can say about our monthly comicbook meets, other than its a joy to anticipate it coming up every 4 weeks. It's either good, or fantastic. It seriously gives me a warm feeling to know that like-minded esoteric individuals gather together (freely) in a supportive environment to offer help, insight & reviews of our comicbook fetishes.

The same faces are generally always there, as well as a few new faces every now-&-then. This shows to me that those that 'stick around' are serious (on at least some level) about this wonderful medium. The flipside of it is, that it also provides inspiration and confidence to hit your drawingboard with a re-energized vigor knowing that someone is hitting their strides, or have just given you an adrenalin hit by simply looking at the wonderful work they've done.

It really is like seeing "comicbook civilisation", while you've been in long periods of isolated writing/drawing. It gives you sanity & strength.

Long live the meetups!

The regulars.

Paul Bedford brought in 'proofs' for people to view in checking for any last minute edits he might make before next week's Armageddon & Supernova.

Til next month fellas...


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