06 August 2007

First off, If anyone new is ever unsure of 'what' the pub looks like that we have our monthly 'get-togethers' in at the first Saturday of each month- it's looks something like this:

Ok - with that out of the way, it's onto the 'meet'.

Funny thing is, this month I bought myself one of those 'freshly-squeezed' juices at Victoria Market food court (where the above photo was taken.). It was called an 'immunity' juice (supposedly designed to fight off flu's etc) - well... it (somehow) drained me of energy. I swear - during this months meet-up, I felt FLAT and grey. I can only put it down to the juice. Yeah, that'll do. It was the juice's fault.

Anyway - it was a cosy meetup this month of the regulars. The was a new guy-girl who showed up (only for a short time) - but never had a chance to find out names. Basically it was all the regulars at this months meet. About 10-12 people.

James (thats his hand in the bottom-left) brought along a stack of comics that he just picked up from Minotaur that Tom was rifling through. Michael (right) brought along his newly inked stuff & was showing it around.

Colin Wilson was excitedly telling us about the 'Pixar' exhibition at the Fed Square NGV. He couldn't stop raving about it (as can be seen in his 'blurry' hands.). Bruce Mutard (in the lumberjack shirt) kindly brought along one of his 'Street Smell' comics that I was missing from my collection.

"This was a great meet." - was heard by Greg gates when it ended. Though I was a little 'out-of-it' this week - i have no reason to doubt him.

Til the next one.

(PS: Where I'm not buying anymore juices.)

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