02 August 2007

As promised - here is the development of Darren Close's Killeroo sketch that I penciled for him at Doujicon.

Upon looking at the Killeroo comics, I noticed that everyone who had done their version of Killeroo stuck to a tough-guy cliche. (ie. Looking mean, on a bike, beer, girls, etc) - so I thought I'd do something left-field. I thought about Killeroo ironing his 'wifebeater' singlet. Something 'sensitve' - if you will.

"I got it" - I thought.

I'd do killeroo shaving.

Here is the sketch I did at my table:

After I got home from the convention, I proceeded to light-pencil the sketch (in blue) onto the card stock I use for final inking. I do this via my trusty little lightbox.

Once I've lightly finished penciling the basic shapes and forms onto the board, I take it over to my drawing board and proceed to 'tight-pencil' it. While refering to the original sketch as a guide, I put all the detail onto the board. With all the detail penciled, I can put the original sketch away.

I add all the 'fiddly' bits in so I don't have to do any 'guess-work' when I'm inking. Then I unscrew the ink-well , grab my dip pens, and begin the fun 'artistic' bit.

Then after a few hours - whala... it was finished.

I would have been finished sooner if Darren hadn't picked such a hairy character! (I was going braindead - dash, dash, dash, dash...)

I then scanned the inked board into the computer, cleaned it up, did subtle shading, added lettering, etc, etc - and it was complete.

Hope you enjoyed the peak into my madness.



Ant said...

I dig it, Bobby.

Anonymous said...

that's gold Jerry, GOLD!

I'm curious Bobby - how would you feel about selling the original art?

- Darren C

Bobby.N said...

Why not.
We'll discuss after you've seen the art.