09 July 2007

Like a Swiss watch, the monthly comicbook meet occured.

'Talking shop' at the monthly comic-meet has got to be the best part about it.

Trev & I look at Paul's wonderful book The List, which will be out in stores by the year's end.

This month's meet had the most number of 'cool' people ever! People weren't even prepared for the photos, but everyone seemed to be doing 'hand-on-chin' model poses. All we needed were dull anorexic women, and I swear you'd think you were at a fashion show.

There are a few things that make these meetups wonderful (particularly if your an author/artist).
  1. You get to see the very first glimpses of creator's work in sketchbooks, pencils and often the finished inked page way before it ever comes out in stores. In fact, almost every meet, there is someone who's just released a book and brings it along (hot off the press) that you can grab!
  2. You get to talk to the actual creator/s and gain insight into things you might otherwise never find out. (ie. Avoiding possible mistakes, and learning more in one conversation than you would fumbling around blindfolded on the internet.)
  3. You get to talk about the 'craft' of comics with people who understand what you mean when you talk about 'gutters' & 'panel grids' - without getting a blank stare.
  4. You come away after the meet-up charged.
Oh, and most of us will be at Doujicon at the end of this month (28th July). So come past, say hi, and buy some of our books. The meetup on the following weekend should be a great one (with everyone's wares & stories from the convention). So don't miss THAT meet!




Tom said...

What's a gutter?

Ant said...

I thoroughly agree. I wish I could have stayed longer and met all the folks bowling in as I was strolling out.

Bobby.N said...

Tom says:
"What's a gutter?"



Yeah Ant - I try and get there as close to 2'oclock as I can, so i can spend the most time enjoying it... and even then - the time just evaporates. Before I know it, the sun has gone down and people are making their way home.