28 July 2007

It was a blast. Really.
I had a ball.

This was my first convention, and Im glad i went. I didn't have much expectation (in terms of selling) but i was pleasantly surprised. I had 4 books on sale ($1, $2, $3 & 7$ in price.) and they all sold pretty well. I made about $200... so I was happy. Even though my books were 'relatively' cheap - they sold pretty steadily. More about my observations on that later.

But, for now - onto the photos:

I was sitting next to Paul & Henry's 'The List' table. In my opinion, one of the best books at Doujicon. Even though The List was a small print run done just for this convention (ie. Not intended to be the final polished book) - it did amasingly well. Whenever I looked to my left (to find out where the annoying camera-flashes were coming from), I saw Paul signing autographs like a rockstar - taking money hand-over-fist.

At one point while I was eating a sandwich, Paul noticed some food on my chin & said, "Here, wipe yourself off." - and handed me a twenty dollar bill.

This photo is the new cover to our 'boy-band' cd which we will be releasing called: "I want to love you for the rest of my life tonight."

Us guys have to have a plan-B, incase comics doesn't pan out y'know.

Darren (in his kung-fu/superman outfit?) was selling his famous 'Killeroo' comics. Darren came past my table while I was scribbling and asked me to do a Killeroo sketch for him. I whipped up something, which I'll ink at home, then post it here on the blog by week's end. Stay Tuned!

Bruce dropped in to see what was happening. Had a great chat with them about 'staying in the comicbook game' - and the difference between people that come-and-go, and those that stay and leave a mark. We talked about our fondness for the early 90s Heavy Metal magazine and the wonderful reputations that greats like Serpieri & Manara forged in those pages - which is contrasted by today's 'quick' pop-short stories that make Heavy Metal look more like a hodge-podge anthology of the latest 'new young guy' - rather than displaying the 'best people in that genre'. I know it has more to do with publishing economics than art (ie. It's cheaper to get a gratefull young guy to contribute work for next-to-nothing, rather than pay for a pro ) - but it's still a shame.

You just don't get these types of conversations at the Broadmeadows Pub.

David & Philip shared a table selling a sea of books. I grabbed a few great reads from these guys. David launched his 'Bitter Bachelor Book', and Philip launched his new 'Word Ballons #5".
There was enough comicbook literature here to keep you occupied until Christmas.

All the 'regulars' were there. The 'Local Act Comics' table had a sea of books too. In about 10 months David has published about 20-or so comics from various creators? Thats gotta be a record. Seriously.

(Thats why he's drinking Gatorade.... he's tired.)

One of the frequent visitors to the monthly meets, is Dean Rankine - who was happily selling his batch of comics. If you like 'fun' - then you'll like Dean's books. Check em out.

Although Doujicon didn't resemble Flinders Street station (thank God), it was a fairly constant & steady crowd.

(Ok - back to my thoughts on selling at a con for the first time.)

As I mentioned - I had a couple of cheap $1 & $2 books, as well as the more expensive ones of $3 & $7. What I noticed was that, if your cheap ones are of a good quality (even if they were only 4 pages long as my $1 was.) - they sold extremely well. People wont even have to think about handing over 1 or 2 dollars. It's easier for people to say "Why not" on a $2 book, than it was for them to consider my $7 one.

Although you need to consider a few things.

I made more money from my $7 book (13 copies sold), than I did from my $1 or $2 ones (33 copies sold). BUT the cheap ones evaporated from my table a lot quicker, and it means that 'more' people will (potentially) be exposed to my work. It's a trade off, but an interesting measure of what one would consider 'successfull'.

In conclusion - the day was more successful than i hoped it would be. Met & talked to a lot of fans. Had great chats with friends and strangers. Made a month's worth of petrol money selling my books. Laughed. Waxed comicbook philosophy. Bought 2 months worth of petrol money in comics.

Hopefully, I'll be at (Armageddon?) in October, because this one was great.

For those in Melbourne - see you all next weekend at the Stork Hotel for our monthly meet. Can't wait for the stories.



caanantheartboy said...

Thanks for the photos and update Bobby!

Anonymous said...

man I look evil in that photo.


Bobby.N said...

I think we all do.
The blurriness adds to the effect.