03 July 2007

I knew I wanted this to be a full page. It's of an old woman reading from a diary, and having her view of the page imposed on the top of the page.

I penciled the 'pose' in my sketchbook until I got something I was satisfied with.

Then I traced it on my lightbox. And began to ink....

The finished ink.
Then I touch up on a computer.

One of the hard things when going from pencils to ink, is getting a good 'grasp' of how the finished work will look. Often it's never as you imagined, but if you take your time - by the end (when you can't do anymore) you'll say, "Im satisfied with it."

Well, I wasn't satisfied yet.

It looked ok, but didn't sit well compared with the page thats on the other side. So I reconstructed the page into grids to match the facing page (which is already done) .

Stay tuned, and I'll show you the retuned page in the days to come.


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