05 May 2007

Well, it's 9.30pm on Saturday night and I just got back from Melbourne's monthly Pulp Faction meet, and as usual, it was great. Seems like every month we need to 'join' more tables together in the pub as more people arrive.

Since we're into comics, I should let some pictures do the talking;

Lizzie, Tom & Philip discussing 'what's good' & 'what isnt'.

Lee pretending he doesn't know a big camera is sticking in his face. Also, one of the few photos where Greg isn't sticking his finger up.

I'm not sure if Paul is grabbing his nipple or giving the 'thumbs up'?

Paul's hefty script.

Lizzie talking like an Italian to Colin Wilson.

Avi came in with a new hair-do & an 'official' ozTaku mug!

Did I mention the mug?...

David (AKA 'the machine') has a twin brother (Also called David) who is at home making comics while this one is out getting smashed.

Greg Gates providing some feedback to the work of an insecure (fragile) comicbook author.

Philip Bentley's friend Stephen Campbell has spent years (YEARS) doing an 80 page comic on A2 sheets of paper, and then reducing them to comicbook size!?

A closer look at Stephen Campbell's work.

The guy with the most street 'cred' on the table... Colin Wilson signing one of his books. Colin has (and continues to) work for the major publishers in the US.

A page from one of Colin's books for Wildstorm. (Click on the picture for a bigger view)

The alcohol starts to kick in. (They're laughing at the table)

Fitts, who's leaving for Europe for a few years to holiday & spend time doing comics.

Greg & Colin laughing at THE mug.

Greg looking at Michael's sketchbook.

This month's winner of the monthly challenge..... Caanan (AKA 'lil sketchy').

So then...

As you can see from the pics, it was another fun gathering. People brought along their sketchbooks, inked pages, & published books to show and discuss. Talk ranged from published books, minis & movies - to the discussion of up-coming projects. There was praise & criticism.

Like most meets, I came away
fired up to be a hermit behind my drawing board, watching my right hand scribble.