08 May 2007

I've always liked seeing how and where other comicbook authors work. Perhaps there are others who share my fetish. We start off with my favourite room in the house. The studio:

This is where I do my tight-penciling & inking.

I got this drawing board (above) from a family friend who worked as a builder. An architect firm he was doing work for was throwing this board out, so he called me to see if I wanted it. Guess what I said?

This is where I do my writing, sketching & underlays.

Right above all that mess, is where i past up the final story arcs that I work from.

Anyway, hope you liked the peek - now, back to work.


1 comment:

Zeno said...

Great posts so far. Nice to see another house converted into a comics making machine.

Beautiful intro page.

Love to see more of your pages and read more about what you're working on.