11 May 2007

I tell you – there’s nothing better than coming home after work on a Friday night to find packages of comics on your doorstep.

The internet is great for these sorts of surprises.

One of the notable ‘gems’ that arrived (and that I’ve been waiting for with baited breath), was Jordan Crane’s hand-made minis Keeping Two, with hand-pulled silk-screened covers.

These are the two books Jordan sent me from his website.

Keeping Two: Parts 1 & 2

Sample from inside Keeping Two pt-2.

It's the tale of loss in people's lives, and how everything comes in three's. This pattern is recognised by our protagonist, and he's determined to keep things at two.

The artwork is simply beautiful, and the story telling is fluid and very natural. Jordan's command of dialogue & pacing is fantastic. Jordan really loves comics & self-publishing, which you can easily tell when you open this book. You'll find yourself re-reading it for the sheer pleasure of experiencing a well crafted comic.

You can also get Jordan’s continuation of Keeping Two (part3) from Fantagraphics in his quarterly (or so) comic Uptight, which not only contains part-3 of the above Keeping Two, but also introduces a new story – so you get two awesome continuing stories in one comic!

And an inside page from Uptight containg pt-3 of Keeping Two.

What are you waiting for?...go and buy them all!


PS: For those of you who need help with preparing your artwork for print, etc - Jordan's website has a Repo Guide (at the bottom of his webpage) that you can download for free! It explains everything you need to know about preparing your files for the printer.

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