11 May 2007

A few months ago while at one of the monthly Melbourne comicbook meets, someone mentioned how they remembered my 3-part short story that I published years ago in Aaron Burgess' anthologies 'The INK'.

I thought, "Hey, I think it would be nice to compile all 3 stories into one complete booklet.".... so I went home & (over the next few weeks), drew a cover, wrote an introduction and a backpage.

I just mailed the disk off to ComixPress today, so we'll see when it's done. (Hopefully before Doujicon (sp) ). Here is the cover and a couple of sample pages.

I'll let you know when this little 16-page baby comes in.



G said...

Nice! Looking forward to seeing and reading the Isolation Room comic.

Great blog, too, btw. Really enjoy seeing the behind-the-scene stuff.

Fitts said...

Damn, I'm going to have to get someone to ship that over to me. I love that story. Funny now that I know it's your work it's obvious but I didn't pick it earlier.

Bobby.N said...

Thanks guys. I'll let you know on this blog (& my website) when it's printed.


Loretta said...

Thanks for writing this.