27 March 2016

OXYGEN: CH.7 (preview).... take 2

Ok, so i didn't like the 'roughness' of the previous treatment... thus the cleanup.

09 March 2016

OXYGEN: Chapter.7 - another page...

Ok, trying out a different set of pens/nibs to the last finished page I inked...

I like the cleanness of the line. Clarity seems to transpose unto the reading too. Maybe it's just me? Anyway, me likey.

06 March 2016

Comics Meetup - Mar.2016

A photo tells a thousand words, so...

Hector Bustnuts & Trevor Wood.

Paul Bedford. Congrats on the next 'The List' novel getting the green-light on funding. Can't wait to read it.

Even, Larry Boxshall dropped in.

The big guns in writing and drawing.

I love seeing this emerging again; people showing their comics pages in person. For a while this dissappeared, but people are starting to do work again :)

Neville's late contribution to 'Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun'

Remember, the Melbourne comic meetups are on every month. Come down... it's a lot of fun.

21 February 2016

OXYGEN: Chapter.7 - week 3

Ok, I'm behind a week, but the enthusiam's still pumping.., lets hope this gets to be a routine. By the way, I White'd out the words so you'll want to read the final thing... I hope :)

13 February 2016

Hayley's Comet

The other day I witness the rarest piece of artwork (and yet, probably most worthless)... Colin Wilson digitally sketching Blueberry on my Cintiq.

The gods do have a sense of humor :)

10 February 2016

OXYGEN: Chapter.7: week 1

Darren Close and I are lucky enough to live 5 minutes from each other, and so tend to catch up weekly for a coffee & chat. In the last few months, Darren apparently found an answer to our procrastinating about when the 'next page' was going to get done. His solution: an agreement to produce a comics page a week. I said, "Sure"... and so it begins.

What have I gotten myself into.

16 January 2016

Turtles for tumors.

Last night I rocked up with Darren Close in support of Michael Bradshaw who's been effected by brain cancer and the subsequent surgery that followed. The turnout was awesome. Many, many great artists donated original artwork for the show.

I grew up reading Calvin & Hobbes... so i was really tempted to grab this superb figurine.

A plethora of great Australian talent donated all this!

A really great show.

The gallery was absolutely packed, and it was really great to see such a warm turnout supporting such a great cause.

We all rocked up for this guy (Michael Bradshaw)... :)

Click on this panorama to see it larger.

Kicking back during sunset with friends, food & drinks.

05 January 2016


Congratulations to my fellow comics friend, Darren Close, for taking out the 2015 ComicOz award for Best Australian Original Comic Book.

It's an extremely honest and personal story of the internal battle an artist (and quite frankly, a human being) goes through.. The story portrays the moment one finally has the courage to do something worthwhile, and then the mind game that often ensues in letting go of insecurity and fear. Contact Darren Close to grab a copy of this great short story.  

(A great introduction by writer, Paul Bedford, and nicely printed too... through, Brendan Halyday)

01 January 2016

Comics Meetup - Dec-2015

In case any of you aren't aware, the Monthly Melbourne Comics Meetup (held on the 1st Saturday of each month) has moved from the Prince Alfred to the Bull & Bear Tavern on Little Flinders Lane.

Anyway, the final meetup was a pretty full get-together, with the usual faces, and some new ones in the mix too.