30 September 2014

Visualising a story.

I tend to do these 'test' pages when I'm excited about doing a story. I just play with format. The below is an idea in 2006 that never went anywhere.

I don't tend to just write the words, sketch some characters, and off I go to the drawing board. No. I like to gauge the book as a whole in my head. I like imagining how the pages in the book will be. The text. The page borders. The panel/grid structure... basically the 'feel' of the pages being looked at when/if the story becomes real. It helps evoke a mood for the work. Helps convince me, "Yep, this is working."... Helps me visualise, stoke the fires, and move forward knowing that it all makes sense to me.

19 September 2014

Fleshing out...

There are a few comic creators that have moved to my neck of the woods in the last year-or-so. Darren Close is one of them, and yesterday he dropped by and we spent the day working on our comics and chatting. A lot of fun. Below is one of the sketches I fleshed out for the next chapter of OXYGEN.

17 September 2014


While the story is already outlined, I spent a little time recently finalising the story of DIGESTED #7 before penciling/inking the pages.

15 September 2014


When you see a comic style done well by another (and it touches on the effect that you're aiming for), it's natural to want to 'test' it yourself... Sometimes this can be a breakthrough, and sometimes it can confuse you even more. It can stop the momentum you had and make you a tad uncertain.

In this case I'm trying to experiment and see whether subtle hatching or bold black works better on cloth folds in my own style... it's a pleasurable way of frustrating myself.

12 September 2014

SPX in America this weekend

My book, NO MAP BUT NOT LOST is being sold (along with many other wonderful Milk Shadow Books) at tomorrow's big American SPX indie comix expo.

If you can't get to the expo, don't worry, you can still buy all the books online at Milk Shadow Books' website.

24 August 2014

Jase Harper's, AWKWOOD...

I looked on my wall calendar yesterday, and it told me I was going to the launch of Jase Harper's new book AWKWOOD.

It was held at the cool Squishface Studios (309 Victoria St, Brunswick).

Jase Harper was busy selling and signing his new book.

Limited edition prints by Jase Harper were also on sale.

On the Studio's window, Jase's original inked pages from the book were displayed for all to view. Really nice way of people being able to enjoy the work from the outside while chatting with a drink in hand.

Matt Emery & James Andre... advertising on the street to passing cars.

James Andre (Milk Shadow Books Publisher).

Jason Franks.

Lucas Testro.

The old regulars.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon... Later.

03 August 2014

Comics meetup: 2.8.14

For those of you that think these comic meetups are scary & nerve-wracking to attend because you don't know anyone... well don't. Most of us who are into comics are introverts, so a lot of people are in the same boat as you. The great thing about these meetups is no-one cares or judges. We all like comics (making or reading them), so you're already part of the club by dint of that fact... So, as Ian Turpey would say, "Come on down."

The ever-cool, Frank Candiloro.

Another great and solid turnout this month. About 25-30 people showed up and sketched & chatted about comics.

Brendan Halyday doing a portrait...

Brendan's such a great illustrator... This was done on the fly just sitting across the table. No pencil, just straight into inks.

Zoomed in.

Had a great chat with Colin and Brendan this meetup. Two of the nicest guys you'll meet, and also full of talent and smarts.

A band was setting up to play as our meetup was drawing to a close. Time to get out.

30 July 2014

Best comic shop in the world!

All Star Comics has won the Eisner award for world's best comic store. Co-owner Mitchell Davies in the Lonsdale Street store. Photo: Angela Wylie

Congratulations to Mitch & Troy at All Star Comics (Melbourne) for winning the Eisner award this year for best comic book shop IN THE WORLD!

Thanks for showing off my DIGESTED books there on the right fellas. Take note other comic shops... little things like this are the reason why these guys won.. luv ya's.

18 July 2014

Bruce's exhibition

Last night I went along with my girlfriend to Bruce Mutard's exhibition at Monash University in Caulfield. We were late and it was a awfully cold night, but after walking around the University for ages in search of this little room, we enjoyed the last 15-30 minutes of it.

Familiar faces showed up to support and appreciate Bruce's hard work.

Love the subtlety of Bruce's work. Notice how the kids have simple dots for eyes, whereas the adults have fully-detailed ones. I like the distinction of what each would offer the reader in the story from this visual point-of-view.

Congratulations, Bruce.

This was the culmination of a number of years of hard work by Bruce on the subject of comics and how they're read and function. The walls were installed with a nice reading experience while one circulated with people and talked.

Brendan Hallyday echoed the appreciation of being able to see artwork in all it's imperfections of white-out, pencils and fix-ups. Creators love this kind of stuff.

13 July 2014

Comics meet: 12.07.14

Usually the meetups are held on the 1st Saturday of the month (which was last week), but since Oz Comicon was on the same weekend, it was pushed forward til the following week. It was another nice comfortable meetup in the cosy Prince Alfred Hotel pub.

I chatted to a few regulars like Frank, Philip and Neville, but spent most of the time whining to Colin Wilson about what's wrong with the world.

Next comics meet is in 3 weeks. See you there.

01 July 2014


Every now and then, I'd suggest taking a day or afternoon off from whatever routine you have, and do something creative without any pressure to achieve an outcome. No checklist of items to cross off in this time, but rather just let go, relax and have fun.

In my case, I got into the city three hours before last Friday's Radioactive Lounge podcast, and spent it wandering the city with my camera. With nowhere to be for hours, I just wandered around taking photos and letting life pass me by. Here are some results of the day.

Days like these are the main reasons I prefer working part-time. A creative person needs time to do nothing but absorb, to refill the tank, to decompress and re-charge the eyes and mind... I have to remember to do this more often.