30 July 2014

Best comic shop in the world!

All Star Comics has won the Eisner award for world's best comic store. Co-owner Mitchell Davies in the Lonsdale Street store. Photo: Angela Wylie

Congratulations to Mitch & Troy at All Star Comics (Melbourne) for winning the Eisner award this year for best comic book shop IN THE WORLD!

Thanks for showing off my DIGESTED books there on the right fellas. Take note other comic shops... little things like this are the reason why these guys won.. luv ya's.

18 July 2014

Bruce's exhibition

Last night I went along with my girlfriend to Bruce Mutard's exhibition at Monash University in Caulfield. We were late and it was a awfully cold night, but after walking around the University for ages in search of this little room, we enjoyed the last 15-30 minutes of it.

Familiar faces showed up to support and appreciate Bruce's hard work.

Love the subtlety of Bruce's work. Notice how the kids have simple dots for eyes, whereas the adults have fully-detailed ones. I like the distinction of what each would offer the reader in the story from this visual point-of-view.

Congratulations, Bruce.

This was the culmination of a number of years of hard work by Bruce on the subject of comics and how they're read and function. The walls were installed with a nice reading experience while one circulated with people and talked.

Brendan Hallyday echoed the appreciation of being able to see artwork in all it's imperfections of white-out, pencils and fix-ups. Creators love this kind of stuff.

13 July 2014

Comics meet: 12.07.14

Usually the meetups are held on the 1st Saturday of the month (which was last week), but since Oz Comicon was on the same weekend, it was pushed forward til the following week. It was another nice comfortable meetup in the cosy Prince Alfred Hotel pub.

I chatted to a few regulars like Frank, Philip and Neville, but spent most of the time whining to Colin Wilson about what's wrong with the world.

Next comics meet is in 3 weeks. See you there.

01 July 2014


Every now and then, I'd suggest taking a day or afternoon off from whatever routine you have, and do something creative without any pressure to achieve an outcome. No checklist of items to cross off in this time, but rather just let go, relax and have fun.

In my case, I got into the city three hours before last Friday's Radioactive Lounge podcast, and spent it wandering the city with my camera. With nowhere to be for hours, I just wandered around taking photos and letting life pass me by. Here are some results of the day.

Days like these are the main reasons I prefer working part-time. A creative person needs time to do nothing but absorb, to refill the tank, to decompress and re-charge the eyes and mind... I have to remember to do this more often.

28 June 2014

The Radioactive Lounge #2

Last night was the 2nd live recording of The Radioactive Lounge. Held at the wonderful All Star Comics store in Melbourne, it's a monthly comics podcast hosted by Lucas Testro & Larry Boxshall.

I got into the city early, and while walking around the streets, bumped into one of the cool guys who frequents the local scene, Mick Rule.

The special guest on the next show is non other than Ive Sorocuk (Red shirt).

It was a funny and great show. I gotta get to more of these gigs.

06 May 2014

Free Comic Book Day 2014

This past weekend was international Free Comic Book Day. This is the equivalent of Christmas for comic book shops around the world, where all kinds of folks, often not necessarily into comics, bring themselves (and kids) to get sketches done by artists, have free comics showered on them, and generally have a ball.

As in most years, the majority of Melbourne creators flock to their favorite comic shops to lend their services for the day. they sketch, shake hands with people and basically join in all the good-natured fun.

Brendan Hallyday

Most of the people I know in the Melbourne comics scene always come down to All Star Comics and lend a hand because these guys support local talent like no other store... so why wouldn't we support them, right? Pretty nice way to run a business and a community.

Everyone had fun.

Artist Alley (where we did free sketches for people), was held around the corner at 1000 Pound Bend Cafe. You'd walk through the cafe into the back warehouse area. They make great burgers.

Matt Emery

Trevor Wood

Tim Molloy was (as usual) doing simply lovely work... with water colour no less! You had to be there.

Tim Molloy

David Blummenstein

In All Star Comics, kids and crowds flocked into the store to get their free comics and others. It was a roaring day for the shop... as it should be.

Is that Troy?

A happy fan got a beautiful sketch by David Blummenstein.


I have, until next year's Free Comic Book Day, reached my quota in drawing superheros. Because I don't really read spandex fetish, I didn't really know what many fans would ask of me to draw. The plus side was that it gave me a chance to talk with them and search on their smartphones for images to reference... thereby breaking the ice. It was fun asking every request, "what does he/she look like?"